Kentucky Crime Victim's Compensation Board

Kentucky's  Crime Victims Compensation Board assists well in excess of 1,000 victims per year.  The funds are available to victims that were injured or  deceased victim’s family member. This assistance is in the form of direct payments to medical providers, funeral homes, mental health professionals,  or  reimbursements  for these types of expenses incurred by victims or those legally responsible for those expenses.  You can learn more about the CVCB on their website, or by downloading this helpful brochure here: English or Español


Kentucky Crime Victim's Bill of Rights Handbook

Want to know what your rights are as a crime victim in Kentucky? The Office of the Attorney General  is  providing  this  handbook to  you  so that  you  can be educated on the role and responsibility of  the  local law enforcement,  prosecutor, victim  advocate, defense attorney, and Attorney General's Office.

Victim's Impact Statement

Crime Victims have the opportunity to submit a victim impact statement to describe how the crime has affected them or others close to them physically, emotionally or financially. The victim impact statement shall be considered by the court prior to any decision on the sentencing or release, including shock probation of the defendant. (KRS 421.520)  This form should be completed by an adult.