Out With the Old ~ In With the New

On this New Year's Day, many of us have made resolutions for positive change in 2015 and reflected on the events of 2014. I have been doing the same and am excited to reveal the new website and Twitter page for the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney. 

After years of encouragement from my former Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney and current Senator Whitney Westerfield, I finally gave in to making these changes. Whitney has been instrumental in his assistance with the technical aspects of website design, social media and even most of the photography you see here. I want to personally thank him for persistently urging me to provide you with a more modern image of our office. 

I also want to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout my first eight years as Commonwealth's Attorney ~ the time has really flown by! While the office makeup has changed some from the beginning, we still operate as a team that fights for justice on behalf of all the citizens of Christian County. I am blessed to work with some of the most wonderful people every day ~ in my office and throughout the entire justice system ~ in Christian County and across our beautiful Commonwealth. 

My resolution is to keep you all updated with the most recent cases in Christian Circuit Court, to handle each case seeking justice for all those involved, and to uphold my duties to you as your chief prosecutor.  Please take the opportunity to check out our new website and our social media sites (Twitter & Facebook) in order to stay current with issues that face your community. 

Thank you and Happy New Year!  

~ Lynn